Top 10 Luxury Fireplaces for 2014

The winter season reminds us how much a fireplace can make a home feel warm and cozy.  It creates a warm ambiance and sense of comfort perfect for social gatherings or intimate moments.  Traditionally fireplaces were used as the main heating source of the house.  Today they provide heat but more importantly they can create a dramatic focal point that gives the room a “wow” factor.   This can add tremendous value to your home.  Check out the top 10 Luxury Fireplaces for 2014 to spark your inspiration for the ultimate dream home.

1.  This is the Ultimate Media Room for entertaining! The extra long modern fireplace radiates elegance and luxury.

Luxury Fireplace in media room

2.  This Luxury Bathroom combines the bedroom and bathroom, giving both a romantic ambiance.

Luxury Bathroom with Fireplace

3.  Located in San Francisco, this Noe Valley Luxury Home has a fireplace to be enjoyed both indoor and outdoors!

indoor luxury fireplace

Outdoor modern luxury fireplace

4.  This Modern Luxury Home glows with elegance having the fireplace in both the dining room and living room.

Dining Room and  Living Room Fireplace

5.  This is the Ultimate Luxury Backyard for relaxing with a jacuzzi and fireplace to melt you worries away.

Luxury Home jacuzzi and fireplace combo

6.  This Modern Living Room makes the fire an artistic focal point of the room.

circular firepit

7.  This Luxury Bedroom uses the fireplace to combine the bedroom and living room.

Luxury Bedroom Fireplace

8.  Modern and Sophisticated this fireplace adds warmth and contrast to the white kitchen and dining room.

Kitchen and Dining room Fireplace

9.  This Luxury Bedroom is by far the most unique!  A blazing fire, glass walls, flat screen tv and outdoor balcony!

Amazing Bedroom

10.  My favorite Luxury Fireplace is one perched on a rooftop in San Francisco with Golden Gate Views!

Roof top deck with Golden Gate Views

If you are looking for a modern luxury home in San Francisco please let me know.  I would be happy to help you find your next dream home!



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