Give Your Bedroom A Magical Makeover With Christmas Lights!

I love the holidays in San Francisco because they light up the town with Christmas lights! It gets you in the spirit and makes everything feel magical.  There is something about lights that just invokes happiness and the need to smile.  So why not use them year round to create that special ambiance of warmth and magic?  Here are samples of how to use Christmas lights in the bedroom to inspire sweet dreams and add a magical touch.

This room may be small room but the beautiful light display that makes it glow can make it very attractive.

White lights behind a sheer white curtain to give a golden glow.

Inspire your kids to dream big by putting the writing on the wall, literally!

Dream written in tubed lighting for the bedroom

Brighten up your room and create your own work of art by clipping your favorite photos to a string of Christmas lights.

Christmas lights with pictures for decorating you bedroom

The string of lights adds a little magic to your dream.

Blocked letters with lights

Make your wall the art canvas by draping lights across the room to frame it and make it feel bright and open.

Wall Art with lights

Using Christmas lights adds a little sparkle to this clean modern decor.

Christmas lights to decorate a bed

The golden lights add warmth and the photos are a fun way to create customized art.

christmas lights and photos for bedroom decor

The canopy lined with lights add to the magical feel of this room.

canopy of lights

Have sweet dreams with the Dream Catcher above your bed to keep the bad dreams away!

dream catcher with lights

Frame your bed with lights and make it the center of attention in the room.

Frame your bed with christmas lights


4 thoughts on “Give Your Bedroom A Magical Makeover With Christmas Lights!

  1. Hi.. I’m wanting to creat a look on a small bedroom wall like the one above with the Falling wall lighting.. How can I please purchase??? 07572602412 .. Lorna kemp x

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