Is Your Home As Tech Savy As You?!

Innovative technology can make life easier and more efficient but it can also make it more FUN!  Here are Ten Innovative Ideas that can make your home efficient and FUN!

1. Men can make a little music while you pee with this Guitar!

guitar urinal that makes music while you pee

2. Add a little spark to  your music and get the  Light Show Fountain Speakers!

water fountain light show home speakers animated image

3. Miss the Meteor Shower?  Now you can create one at home with the Star Theater Pro Home Planetarium!

Star Theater Pro Home Planatarium

4. Get the Ultimate Man Cave: The Brew Cave


5. Tired of Ice Trays that make a mess? Get the Cube Tube!


6. Get in the Groove with the Motion Lamp that you can twist and turn anyway you wish.

motion lamp

7. The easiest way to make  a Grilled Cheese, get a Tostabag and pop it in your toaster.  

Grilled Cheese for Toasters

 8. Never get locked out again with the new iPhone App KeyMe

KeyMe iPhone application

9. Ready to BBQ this summer?  Then you will love iGrill.  The Wireless thermometer that sends an alert to your phone when your meat is done.

iGrill image for iPhone and Android

10. Last but not least the BEST product for your home is WebMo.  You can now control every appliance from your phone!  Your plugs just got smarter.

webmo technology for your home


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