The Parking Dilemma

Image of downtown san francisco

Arial view of San Francisco

When it comes to buying property in San Francisco the majority of people want deeded parking.  But they are not always willing to pay $50,000 to $100,000 more to get it.  With such a shortage of inventory in San Francisco and properties being sold in the matter of days after they hit the market, it can be quit the dilemma.  Do you sacrifice the luxury of parking in order to get in the market?

In my opinion the answer is yes because it is easier to find parking than the perfect condo.  Parking is a common problem in most major cities.  Luckily there are entrepreneurs out there that decided to resolve this issue so it is easy to find parking options based on your location.

Best Parking iPhone app for local parking in SF

The most efficient app I have found that tackles this problem is called  It is a parking search engine that will give pricing options of what is available close by.  You can choose Hourly or Monthly parking and find the cheapest and most convenient option.

PaybyPhone iPhone app

If you plan on parking in a meter when you need to go somewhere, you should probably consider using the PayByPhone app.  It allows you to enter in the location number and automatically pay for the duration needed.  The best part is it will send a text message when your meter is going to run out so you can add more time.  There are some neighborhoods that slap a ticket on your car the minute the meter runs out.  I have been a victim of this one too many times in SF and finally have found a way to outsmart the DPT!


Another issue that can come up when parking on the street is trying to remember where you parked your car.  I guess I am not the only person who has had that happen because it seems to be an issue that a number of apps are trying to resolve.  I like Pinpoint Park out of all of the apps in this category.  It is easy to pinpoint where your car is, add notes and take a picture to visually remind yourself.

Hats off to the entrepreneurs that make our lives easier and more efficient with our time.  If you want to find out more about how technology can simplify our lives living in San Francisco follow my blog and stay tuned!  You can also find daily updates on my Facebook Page or Twitter.


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