Top 5 Real Estate iPad/iPhone apps for Realtors

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In Real Estate they say “time is of the essence”.  When using the right iPad applications, realtors can save a lot of time and have up to the minute data on the go.  Here are the Top 5 Real Estate iPad applications for realtors that will keep you on top of your game!

DropboxDropbox:  This is my favorite mobile application that I have on my home computer, laptop, iPhone and iPad.  It allows you to save documents and   photos in the Cloud and access them from any device at anytime.  You can create a file for Current Buyers, Past Buyers, Current Sellers, and Past Sellers and easily manage your client’s files on the go.

imagesDocuSign Ink:  DocuSign allows you to get electronic signatures on the go from any device. This makes getting multiple signatures on documents the most efficient way to manage the process.  You can upload documents from Dropbox, Box, or Google Drive, tag what needs to be signed and email it to all of the people who need to sign it.  People do not need an account to sign the document and it makes completing the form quick and easy.

KeynoteKeynote:  Create dynamic CMA presentations using Keynote.  Simply add the PowerPoint presentation you want to use in Dropbox.  From Dropbox select Open in Keynote and the presentation gets uploaded.  You can customize the presentation with animations, transitions, notes, photos, charts, ect.  This is an engaging way to present your marketing strategy to your client and impress them with your savy tech skills.

TheoTheoTour was designed to help San Francisco Real Estate Professionals efficiently manage their weekly Broker Tour using the iPad or iPhone.  It allows them to select the district and properties they plan on seeing and check them off as they go.  You can also make notes on each property and save it in a folder that can be emailed.  If you need to contact the agent; the name, phone number and email are listed and you can email, text or call right from the app.

The iPad application offers even more features.  Agents can access the MLS and run comps on a property without having to go back to the office. It also allows you to collaborate with your clients by setting up searches and allowing them access information similar to Clean Offer.

QuickenQuicken Loans Mortgage Calculator.  Want to help your client figure out what their monthly payment will be or how much they can afford to buy?  Then you will love this app!  Simply plug in the Purchase Price, Down Payment, Interest Rate, Terms (years), Tax and Insurance and it will calculate the monthly payment!  It will also calculate the monthly payments for a refinance, amortization, and estimate the purchase price using annual income and monthly debt.


2 thoughts on “Top 5 Real Estate iPad/iPhone apps for Realtors

  1. Awesome!. I use just started using Docusign with my Ipad since it has finally become legal to use on real estate offers in Canada.

    Try using Goodreader you can sync it with dropbox and edit PDFS then upload to DB back to docusign!

  2. Hi, thanks for the follow. Unfortunately some of the apps I mentioned are only available in SF but Dropbox and Docusign are two of my favorites! Did you know that Google Reader is not going to be available after June 2013? I loved using it to have one place to get all of the info on topics you follow. So I guess Google Alerts will be the only way to stay updated. Unless you know of anything else?

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