SF Real Estate

In San Francisco you hear buzzwords like innovation and disruption.  Technology companies have made a comeback and they continue to innovate and make our lives easier.  People now use their mobile devices or tablets more than PC’s and everything is built so you can be efficient on the go. If we want to find out more information about something, we use Google Search.  We stay connected to friends and share what is going on in our lives with Facebook.  If someone has a thought or opinion about something, they can Tweet it.  It is hard to even remember how people got jobs without LinkedIn.  And if you need to find something local,Yelp it!

The technology companies have not only transformed our lives but it has transformed San Francisco.   Busses run daily from San Francisco to the company headquarters of Apple, Google, Facebook, eBay and Yahoo.  It is a major contributor to the high demand we see in the San Francisco real estate market and the increased number of qualified buyers.  Since it is hard to imagine life without those technologies, it is hard to imagine that property values would decline much at this point.

The Real Estate websites have also made an impact on how people buy real estate.  You can search homes for sale, rentals, find local agents, property foreclosures, tax records and any other information you need via the company blog.  As a real estate agent who loves technology, I set up a profile on all of the sites and I am the most impressed with Zillow.  It has the most intuitive user interface and their utilization of social media far exceeds their competition.  After being on there less than a week, I already received a couple of “tweets” from Zillow.  It is no wonder they have seen 47% growth in 2012 with 34.5 million monthly unique users.  As of Jan. 2013 they reported 46 million monthly unique users and show continual growth.  Here is how they stand up to the competition:

  1. Zillow:                        46 million active users.
  2. Trulia                          23.6 million active users.
  3. Realtor.com              20 million active users
  4. Yahoo homes:          19 million active users
  5. Homes.com:              17.2 million active users

So my advice, buy Real Estate in San Francisco or maybe buy some stock in Zillow!  Come back next week when I review the best mobile applications that every Realtor should be using.


SF Real Estate

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